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Bellyak Watercraft Debut



What do you get when you cross a kayak and a river board?  The answer is the Bellyak, a versatile new take on river locomotion.

The Bellyak is a single-person watercraft designed to bring whitewater rapids action to everyone from experienced paddlers to landlubbing beginners. Of the two models currently in production, the Frequency is geared more toward beginners and families, with built-in handholds and toe braces, extra space to carry personal items and a flat, stable, comfortable design that is friendly to inexperienced paddlers. The Play is a shorter, lower volume pro model with a contoured deck area, built for speed and multiple body positions.

There’s no price on these yet, but the Bellyak is designed for hand-paddling, so all you’ll need is the watercraft, yourself, and a taste for some head-first, rapids-riding action.



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