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DeLorean Bicycle Preview



DeLorean Bicycle Preview

Even Marty McFly would ditch his skateboard for a  bike like this.

The DeLorean Motor Company, best known for the DeLorean DMC-12 sports car, has lent its name to a new line of bicycles. The DeLorean Bicycle carries a hefty price tag of $5,500, and while it’s a well-designed bike by all accounts, what you’re mostly paying for here is a luxury name.

Three models of DeLorean Bicycle will be available – Anyday, Speed, and Cruise – but only the Anyday has been fully revealed. Just like its automotive predecessor, it’s constructed out of stainless steel, Italian Columbus XCR tubing. The 11-speed Anyday features “luminescent” coated wheels that have reflective properties when light is shined on them, though there’s enough room to install larger treaded tires if offroad use is what you had in mind.

There’s no flux capacitor stenciling or any other nod to Back to the Future, but we certainly want to see what sort of magic occurs when this baby hits 88 mph.

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