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Electric Longboards By Boosted Boards



Skateboarding is a great way to get around, especially if you’ve got a longboard that’s designed as a means of conveyance. What if, however, you’re heading uphill? What if you’re terrified of shooting into traffic because you can’t slow your longboard down? Boosted Boards electric longboards might be your answer.

The designers and engineers at Boosted Boards may have solved a long sought  transportation riddle: what’s the most fun, easiest and safest way to get from point A to point B without massive amounts of equipment? They have completed their Kickstarter campaign and then some, raising $467,167. Perhaps part of the reason for this Kickstarter success is how constructive the longboard appears and how convenient it is to handle. As one spokesman says, “[it's] the lightest electric vehicle that’s ever been made.” That’s not just hyperbole talking, either. A standard, non-electric longboard generally weighs about 8 lbs. For their prototypes, co-founder John Ulmen claims they’ve added only 4 lbs in their first batch.

According  to the Boosted Boards Kickstarter video, “Fifty percent of all trips in cars are under five miles, and that’s 25% of all commutes.” Not only that, but a lot of public transit only takes you so far towards your destination. After getting off a train or a bus, you still have some walking to do. With a Boosted Board, the last mile after using a public transit system can go a lot faster. The boards have a 6-mile range, a top speed of 20 mph and the ability to climb hills.

Stopping at the bottom of a hill after a sharp decline has always been the fear of most urban longboarding first-timers, but the Boosted Board technology includes a regenerative breaking system so you don’t have to worry about how to stop. Furthermore, when you do break, you’re actually recharging the board’s battery. Yeah, we’re impressed too.

Boosted Boards may just become the preferred Adrenalist vehicle.

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