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Spurcycle’s GripRings Preview



Spurcycle's GripRings

Bicycle hand grips are easily overlooked, but quality handlebar linings can make the difference between staying upright and wiping out hard, particularly on rainy days and during long, exhausting rides in the heat of the summer. Though they may not be the sexiest bicycle accoutrements, they are a necessary precaution.

You could always bust out the grip tape or get yourself a special pair of biking gloves, but Spurcycle offers a more stylish alternative with its flexible GripRings. Available in multiple colors and at any length, these stretch-on silicone rings slide onto your handlebars easily and once they are positioned to your taste, are fastened with a locking end plug. You can mix and match multiple colors to customize the pattern and look just how you like it.

Click on the “Customize Grip Rings” tab on the Spurcycle website to play around with different color patterns. Then, sit tight until July — when GripRings will officially be available for purchase.



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