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Scaling The Tombstone With Bear Grylls



Adventurer Bear Grylls chose to summit the iconic Tombstone Rock in Canyonlands National Park near Moab, UT.

The 350-ft sheer cliff face offered a chance for the adventurer to practice the climbing skills he learned from his father as a boy and to reconnect with his roots.

For a look behind the scenes, check out the photos below.

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  • 1. The infamous TombStone rock

    The infamous TombStone rock
  • 2. Winding up

    Winding up
  • 3. Shooting from the cockpit

    Shooting from the cockpit
  • 4. Crew brainstorm

    Crew brainstorm
  • 5. Getting a lay of the Tombstone

    Getting a lay of the Tombstone
  • 6. Crew and Copter

    Crew and Copter
  • 7. Bear grabbing his gear

    Bear grabbing his gear
  • 8. Visualizing the summit

    Visualizing the summit
  • 9. Bear ready to own the rock

    Bear ready to own the rock
  • 10. Hydration necessary

    Hydration necessary
  • 11. Bear chalking up

    Bear chalking up
  • 12. Straps for the summit

    Straps for the summit
  • 13. Bear scaling with style

    Bear scaling with style
  • 14. Up the face

    Up the face
  • 15. Steady on the belay

    Steady on the belay
  • 16. Intro the crags

    Intro the crags
  • 17. That rock is his

    That rock is his
  • 18. Bear's victory walk

    Bear's victory walk
  • 19. Master of the Moab

    Master of the Moab
  • 20. MoM image

    MoM image
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