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Meet The New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team



When most Americans think of fearsome sports figures, they think football, hockey, or the goliaths of boxing and wrestling. It’s understandable, as these are the sports we grew up with. These are the sports that we’ve watched our entire lives, but that thought process might neglect the most intense team there is: New Zealand’s All Blacks. Their reputation is a combination of their formidable team aesthetic, their size and aggressiveness, and the sport they play. Rugby is a fast and brutal game that has never attained the popularity in the U.S. that it has elsewhere in the world. Watching the All Blacks play, however, makes it hard to understand why; you can picture some of America’s best athletes playing rugby and how how entertaining and competitive it would be. Would our stateside Rugby dream team be able to take on the All Blacks? It’s pretty clear that, even if they could, it would be a battle.

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