The Adrenalist

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ZBoard: The Electric Skateboard



If you want to achieve the cool skater look while avoiding any grueling physical activity then, boy, do we have the board for you.

Much like the infamous Segway, the electric-powered Zboard allows riders to accelerate and decelerate by making small shifts in their body weight (shift back to slow down, forward to speed up). It can reach speeds of up to 15 mph and travel for a range of 5-10 miles on one charge.

Oh, and models differ depending on terrain. The San Francisco version comes equipped with extra torque to conquer hills while the Santa Monica package boasts increased battery life so riders can travel farther.

All this considered, the Zboard is essentially a fatigued adrenalist’s dream come true. The only catch: said adrenalist better have some spare cash. Pre-orders are shipping for about $499.

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