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99-Foot Quadruple Backflip off a Rope Swing



Mike Wilson has spent his life looking for things to jump off of. His passion took flight when he turned 18 and began base jumping. Today, he makes a living as a professional skier. But strapping himself into a ‘chute is maybe too secure and snow might be too soft. Wilson’s most extreme undertakings to date come flying off a rope swing. We’re not talking about a lazy centrifugal summercamp plop down. Mike Wilson engineers massive contraptions over treacherous terrain, grabs a rope and goes HUGE. First it was a 60-foot triple backflip into a narrow slip of the Truckee River. Then, last summer, he did a 99-foot quadruple back flip into Lake Tahoe. Then he did another and another. A crowd gathered. The video is above. Who knows what’s next?

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