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Fly fishing for jumping mako sharks



When mako sharks are hooked, their powerful bodies rocket them out of the water – fly fishing for these colossal fish showcases one of the most jaw-dropping displays of power in the animal kingdom.

The Flying Mako, a catch and release mako shark fishing tournament, pays homage to this incredible fish in a humane way. Using non-barbed hooks and fly rods, anglers cast for makos in their spawning grounds off the coast of San Diego, California. The result is a worthy challenge for a fearless fisherman that leaves deep bruises on the hips or legs where the rod is propped for leverage. As for the fish, it’s a big fight, but one that ends for good when a brave boat captain removes the hook from for it’s mouth with a gloved hand.

The cheers and screams let loose by a fisherman in the middle of a battle with a man-eating mako is a testament to how it feels to have such a powerful creature on the end of the line.

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