The Adrenalist

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Jimmy Chin: Adventurer And Artist



Adventurers will always be adventurers. Explorers can’t stop being explorers. Those who push the envelope push it in every facet of their life. Just ask Jimmy Chin.

Climber, skiier, wingsuiter, slackliner, photographer: Chin has so many passions, it’s hard to keep track. That, however, is precisely what one National Geographic journalist tried to do as he followed this Adrenalist-adventurer-artist on a journey up, down and around Yosemite.

Throughout the piece, even as Chin’s supposed to be the subject of investigation, he’s photographing, filming, documenting and appreciating. His own fame is an afterthought. It’s not about the glory. It’s about the authenticity and, not to get too sappy on you here but, the voyage.

His eyes say, “I wonder what’s around that corner,” not, “I’m a pretty big deal.” Camera crew or not, this guy would we trolling the Earth for cliffs and mountains and lakes and slopes.

That very spirit, that independent pursuit of beauty and personal fulfillment, is exactly why the cameras are following him in the first place.

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