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Jimmy Chin Skis Grand Teton in National Parks Epic Challenge



When the National Park Foundation asked Jimmy Chin to return home to the powdered slopes of Grand Teton National Park for a serious climb and ski session, he just couldn’t resist.

“I just remember showing up and the Tetons just totally blew me away,” says Chin in an interview with National Park Foundation. The professional climber, skier and photographer grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and has been climbing the Tetons since age 18.

To many adventurers, Grand Teton National Park is one of the most breathtaking places on Earth, made even more beautiful by the different ecosystems down by the lakes and at the foot of the mountains. The landscape supports everything from grass and sage to elk, deer, buffalo and bears. The snow-draped jagged peaks are perfect for skiing and exploring. Chin has rounded the world as an athlete, explorer, photographer and filmmaker, but his home is in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, right near Grand Teton National Park. No matter what summit he conquers next, the Tetons will always be his peak of choice.

To Adrenalists like Chin, the national parks are treasures. Traveling and exploring all the extraordinary places the world has to offer instills a sense of appreciation in the old stomping ground you call home. To Chin, that’s Grand Teton.

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