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Mikael Strandberg Vs The Siberian Winter Wilderness



Swedish explorer Mikael Strandberg is about to struggle in Siberian wilderness for 4 frozen winter months.

ExplorersWeb reports that Strandberg is bringing a crew of friends that includes a photographer, a cameraman, a translator, two reindeer herders and 25 reindeer. The thick crew will push across 373 miles of Siberian wilderness, where they’ll freeze through temperatures in the -90s degrees. That’s cold enough to freeze your fingers off.

Already it’s hit -136.4 degrees in late January at Yuchyugei, which is located in this region of Russia, the awkward peninsula that juts into the north Pacific near Alaska.

Check out this Weather Channel feature on the frostbitten land Strandberg and his miserable band of ruffians is traversing.

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