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Motorcyclist Defies Gravity



Riding a motorcycle can be a hazardous experience no matter where you’re doing it. Though even when you read that motorcycle deaths happen nearly 30 times more than any other mode of transportation, it doesn’t change the fact they’re incredibly fun to drive.

Motorcycles are more lethal than other vehicles simply by design, and the risk of a fatal injury is higher for even minor motorcycle crashes. But riders know this going in, and risking it all to compete is worth it for an Adrenalist. A bit of risk is what the lifestyle is all about. You can only lecture about the threat of danger for so long before someone attempts to experience it firsthand.

But what about when you’re biking off-road? What about when you’re biking through the mountainous cliffs, where the terrain itself is menacing? Obviously the risk is amplified a bit, and it’s with that we bring you this video of a cliff-biking daredevil.

The rider starts off going down a narrow escarpment and then accelerates around the bowl-shaped cliff, going nearly sideways before returning to the normal, flat surface on the other side. If this rider had slowed down at all, gravity would have pitched him over and he would have fallen.

This Adrenalist, however, laughs in the face of danger, and gravity, apparently.

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