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World’s Hardest Climbing Route: Record-Setting 9b+ Climb by Adam Ondra



The world’s hardest climbing route – a possible 5.15c in Norway – was put up by Adam Ondra last fall in Hanshalleren, in a granite cave near Flatanger. Ondra tackled some of the hardest routes of the cave and linked the first ascent of Thor’s Hammer to create the 55-meter beast of a route known as “Change.” Until now, the world has only seen a short video clip and a handful of other images. This video finally shows Ondra making an ascent of his historic route, which he says is quite possibly the hardest climbing route in the world. Change would go down in history as the first 9b+ climb.

The video captures a closer look at the steep angle and wild features that make climbing out of the cave possible. The acoustics also amplify his beastly screams as he works out some of the climbing route’s most absurd moves, like using a side pull behind his head as he climbs out a virtually horizontal overhanging corner. Ondra describes the brutal soreness he felt in his shoulders after his first attempts. His agony was amplified by a barrage of mosquito bites all over his face. But that didn’t stop him from conquering the mountain. He didn’t stop there either, soon after taming the mighty “La Dura Dura.”

At one point, Ondra describes his feeling when he first saw the cave at Hanshalleren and decided to give it a go. “It looks ridiculous, but why not try.” Pretty much sums up the DO:MORE attitude the best of the best must possess.

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