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Himalayan Bungee Swing



Hello Tanmay Khandelwal of Delhi, India. So very glad to meet you (up close, and a little too personal in the first 30 seconds of your video). You are a real-world Adrenalist.

The Last Resort canyon swing over the Bhote Kosi River in Nepal isn’t just the highest canyon swing in the world, it is one of the most daring tourist attractions in all of Asia. Visitors who make the trek put their trust in a harness and rigging 160 meters above the Bhote Kosi before they toe the edge of a footbridge and dive into thin Himalayan air.

Five or six seconds later, the bungie catches and an auxiliary line swings a jumper in a 240-meter arc at speeds reaching 150 km/hr.

And you thought Himalayan retreats were for aspiring yogis and tourists seeking solace. During his epic free fall, Tanmay Khandelwal may have found just that.

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