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Red Bull Winch Session



Usually, when you see a zip line, it’s strung between two trees or buildings — perhaps at an outdoor adventure camp or a mountain resort. At the very least, you can typically see both ends of the line. Not so in this video, which involves a high-powered winch, a zipline connecting a truck and an airborne plane and a group of adrenaline-fueled athletes doing what they do best.

The paragliders and B.A.S.E. jumpers in this Red Bull Winch Session zip down the 5,000-foot line for a while and then B.A.S.E  jump off, eventually coming back to earth. The stunt is a unique mix of several different extreme sports, using aspects of each one to steadily amp up the intensity of the others. Goes to show that maybe the most important part of making an incredible, gravity-defying stunt is creativity — you’ve got to find your own way through what everyone has done before you.

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