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The big challenge that all of us outdoorsy types face is preserving the experience in some way. This is especially true when you’re talking about the more extreme, potentially life-threatening activities, like mountain climbing. Enter the newly announced gobandit LIVE camcorder, just announced this week at CES and currently wowing attendees on the show floor.

The gobandit LIVE is a wi-fi-enabled HD camcorder that allows you to wirelessly beam captured video directly to your smartphone for viewing, sharing or editing. There’s more to it than that though. A built-in GPS and accelerometer work in tandem to keep track of the speed and altitude at the time a recording is made. A 3-axis gyro sensor provides similar information about the camera’s position in space. There’s also a wide-angle lens offering a 170-degree view of the camera’s surroundings. All for $419 once the product launches on March 1.

A second model, the gobandit RACE, is also also available, knocking $100 off the price tag in exchange for no built-in wi-fi.

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