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Most Flexible Camera Macro Lens



Every year we watch as cellular phone technology grows by leaps and bounds. Smartphone owners have little need for non-SLR digital cameras anymore, since many cellphones are capable of producing, and even post-processing, images that are just as clear as what you’d see from a typical point-and-shoot. There are limits though. Those lenses, for example, can only do so much.

There are a variety of phone-specific attachments available that can up your image capture flexibility, but the Macro Cell Lens Band is easily the most adaptable. Mainly because it’s a freaking rubber band.

Wrap this fella around the camera-equipped phone of your choice, making sure to line up the band’s tiny macro lens with your phone’s own camera lens. A great tool for those who like capturing high-quality extreme close-ups. At just $15, it’s a great gift for the smartphone-loving shutterbug in your life.

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