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Ask yourself the question: is $250 too much to spend on a coffee mug? Okay, lousy question. Let’s try again.

Is $250 too much to spend on a coffee mug that you can also outfit with scopes, sights, grips and tripod mounts? One that also uses an AR-15 carry handle as its grip and it made out of 6061 T6 billet aluminum? Now you’re getting it.

OPMOD’s Battle Mug is the craziest piece of needless kitchenware you’ll ever desperately want to spend money on. The hefty drink container sports three Mil-Spec 1913 scope rails, the same ones you see on AR-15s.

Sure, you don’t necessarily want to have a holographic sight protruding from the side of your coffee mug while you’re having your morning cup of Joe. But you don’t not want it either, right?

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