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FlyKly Smart Wheel makes an electric bike out of any ride



With FlyKly‘s new Smart Wheel, cycling has become more efficient and comfortable than ever – the new invention transforms your ride into an electric-powered, pedal-assisted bike.

The ultra-thin electric motor is fitted right into the spokes of a new replacement wheel. Once attached, the pedal assist can bet set to a top speed, with a max of 20 mph, and only kicks in while the rider is pedaling. The electric motor turns off if the rider stops pedaling or hits the brakes – keeping the use of the motor efficient and practical. While pedaling, the electric motor keeps you in motion and adds an extra bit of speed to your route. Just set your top speed via the FlyKly Smart Wheel app, start pedaling and ride. The simple design means the Smart Wheel can pop into any frame on any bicycle, and there are no wires to plug in or gadgets to tinker with – just change your wheel and go.

The FlyKly Smart Wheel Kickstarter has just begun, and can be yours for a donation of $590. If you act now, however, you can get a Smart Wheel for the early bird special price of $550.

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