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Google Maps Dive: Skydive From Your Computer Screen



Planning your next skydiving trip will soon be as easy as taking a virtual drop into your desired coordinates thanks to Google Maps Dive.

Less than a week ago, Google held its annual I/O Conference in San Francisco’s Moscone Center for tech titans and interested observers. The breakthroughs and ideas presented are meant to not only display Google’s technological innovations, but also improve the world around us. One of the most fascinating product demos on hand for Adrenalists was their Google Maps Dive Demo, which was featured in the I/O Sandbox.

Google Maps Dive is skydiving within the extensively plotted virtual world of Google Maps. A skydiving simulator allows users to plunge themselves in the maps, with motion-sensor technology allowing you to control your descent by moving your body like you’re actually skydiving. Google partnered with Instrument to perform the demo at the I/O Conference.

Combining Google’s Chrome, Google Maps’ API and motion sensor technology, similar to Microsoft’s Kinect, Google Map Dive developers were able to provide a pretty comprehensive show portion of the demo for guests at the Google I/O conference.“Skydivers” can simply step up to the series of glass screens and control their virtual character through a free-falling world. Slight movements of the arms and body can send the skydiver accelerating downward or gliding in different directions.

Amazingly, Google Maps Dive runs on a Chrome browser- not advanced gaming console hardware. Some day, perhaps sooner than expected, we’ll be able to skydive into Google Maps from the comfort of our own home. Until then, your best bet to skydive from your chair is to check out these amazing first-person skydiving videos.

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