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Skate Down Stairs with the Stair-Rover Longboard



No terrain is unridable for a skater with a Stair-Rover, the eight-wheeled skateboard that makes it possible to ride down stairs.

Skaters have a love-hate relationship with flights of stairs. For a skater, coming up to a flight of stairs means either clearing them, grinding down the accompanying rail or turning around. With its ability to keep skaters moving, even when confronted with a set of stairs, the Stair-Rover aims to liberate skaters from these limitations.

Built by London-based designer PoChih Lai, the 8-wheeled Stair-Rover scampers down steps thanks to a patent-pending design that includes trucks that swivel on their axels. The result is reduced rattle on riders’ knees and brains when riding over stairs and cobblestones. If the Stair-Rover gets funded, previously unridable terrain is now rideable.

We hope PoChih Lai will see their dream realized. They’ve been developing Stair-Rover for the past two years, iterating on more than a dozen designs before settling on the latest prototype.

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