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Teva Illum 2 Flip Flops Debut



Teva Illum 2 Flip Flops

Teva is looking to brighten up your waterside hiking excursions and late night strolls away from the campsite this summer with its newly redesigned and streamlined Illum 2 flip flops. Sometimes, you just want to step out and soak in the nighttime air when you’re parked out in the middle of nowhere. You could put on any old pair of sandals or moccasins and then fumble with a flashlight to avoid stubbed toes, or you could just slip into a pair of Illum 2s. The newly redesigned $65 sandals integrate the toe strap’s built-in light in a much more elegant manner than the previous version. Instead of having this large, bulbous chunk of plastic above your toes, the light is fitted right into the strap. It’s a cosmetic change, but it makes for a much more stylish sandal. The Illum already offered a functional solution for avoiding accidental falls and injury while strolling around at night; the Illum 2s simply improve on that original design. A perfect accompaniment for any Adrenalist who intends to make the most of the summer camping season.

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