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Kayaking is great fun, but actually transporting the boats from land to water can be a problem for some people. Maybe you don’t have a car or don’t have a rack to secure a kayak to on your car. Maybe you’re hiking into the deep woods on a camping trip, which makes bringing along a proper boat a less-than-feasible option. Maybe you’re just lazy. Fortunately, we live in an era in which spending the right amount of money compensates for laziness.

Enter Infinity’s Inflatable Kayaks. Available in one, two, and three person options, the Infinity products offer a reasonable alternative to lugging around a large chunk of carbon fiber; they’re lightweight, sure, but they’re cumbersome.

These Inflatable Kayaks, which are available for between $494.99 and $824.99 depending on the size you want, are made out of durable nylon and include both a hand pump and a carry pack.

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