The Adrenalist

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Paul Basagoitia’s Double Back Flip



Pro mountain biker Paul Basagoitia tries time and time again to land a double backflip. We sit, biting our nails, becoming more and more concerned with each attempt. After the first try, we’re all saying, “it’s cool, Paul. Keep going man. You got it.” After the second try, we’re more like, “oh man, Paul. You okay man?” The third time? We’re saying, “dude, doing a double backflip would be cool and all, but maybe you should take a break.” By the fourth try, we’re yelling, “dammit, Paul. Think about your mother!”

Then, suddenly, at 1:19, after what looked like some deep soul searching, Paul lands the unthinkable. The double backflip is landed, and the achievement is Paul’s and Paul’s alone.

Kudos to you, Paul Basagoitia, for taking some serious lumps on the road to greatness. You set your mind to something and went through with it, like a real Adrenalist. You had us worried there for a moment, but you delivered.

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