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Best Baseball Pitching Machines



If you want to develop your batting eye, you’ll need a pitching machine more accurate than the top players in the big leagues.

You can’t always count on a partner to be throwing to you at batting practice. Sometimes, you’ll need a trusty piece of equipment to keep your swing on point. Baseball pitching machines can also help you up the ante and get some guaranteed challenging deliveries from different speeds or awkward angles.

If this is the case, then you’ll want to enlist a custom-made baseball pitching machine. We’ve checked out the field and chosen the 4 best pitching machines to help you DO:MORE and bring your game to next level.

SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Machine

The SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Machine holds up to 11 baseballs and promises to build your visual acuity and hitting accuracy. The baseball pitching machine fires the ball at you every 8 seconds from an adjustable height and distance. The maximum distance is 25 ft. The manufacturer pitches it as a “great hand-eye coordination training tool” that lets you work on both the offensive and defensive sides of your game. The contraption includes an AC adapter, should you be near an electrical outlet,but also includes a slot so you can use 4 D batteries on the go. Deploy regular baseballs for soft toss or to practice footwork and glove-hand ball transfer. Catching a steepling ball takes an awful lot of control, especially when a breeze kicks in.

Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitching Machine

The Louisville Slugger may have a higher price tag, but it dishes up serious sophistication and speed. The machine can throw pitches at a smoking 65 mph in a range of styles. Think level pitches, fast and slow softball pitches, line drives, fly balls and grounders. Despite the “slugger” part of its name, it should suit serious baseball players just fine. With this baseball pitching machine, you’ll be able to raise your game to the extent that you can handle any delivery at any velocity. With a little luck, after facing the Slugger, the pitches that your opponents toss should seem comparatively tame. In a plus, no power is necessary for operation. Because of this, you are unlikely to experience technical glitches. According to the manufacturer, the original spring lasts for at least 20,000 pitches.

Heater BaseHit Baseball Pitching Machine

The manufacturer positions this snappy device as the fastest way to become the best baseball player you could imagine. The Heater BaseHit Baseball Pitching Machine can help you develop quick wrists, a keen eye and a powerful swing. The machine can hurl baseballs, lite balls and wiffleballs at whatever height you choose, with “pin-point accuracy.”The machines top speed is 45 mph. The gadget comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year parts and labor warranty. Plus, it’s compact, tough and easy to assemble. Then, you just plug it in and swing. You have nothing to lose and everything to win, the company claims, touting the machine as the most affordable variable speed model on the market. The device’s automatic feeder unleashes a ball every 10 seconds – enough time to focus and get into a rhythm.

ATEC Power Streak Baseball/Softball Training Machine

The ATEC Power streak is the most expensive baseball training machine in this shortlist, but you could argue that you get what you pay for. The ATEC can hurl accurate fastballs and wicked breaking balls to boot. The machine’s 270 degree rotating head, adjustable pinch-pad and interchangeable feeder chute allow the ATEC Power Streak to smoothly and sharply toss any pitch in the playbook. Again, it can perform at one hell of a lick, up to 60 mph. And it looks as tough as it is – its durable composite material and steel build mean it can weather heavy usage. It is also apparently good for tailing grounders and popups – you name it, you got it.

These machines will help you amp your power and hitting, but do you know how to throw some heaters yourself? Learn how to throw a faster pitch or master the mound with different baseball pitching grips.

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