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The end of summer is nigh. A bit of gloomy news for you water-loving Adrenalists, yes, but don’t fret – there’s still plenty of time to soak up the sun, strap on your board and do some killer tricks. Be sure to tape whatever you land and throw it up on YouTube too, because, while it may be a little late to make this summer’s top 5 list, we’re gonna need to cover even crazier stuff come 2013! Need inspiration? There’s plenty of that below.

In the Streets

Summer rain is the worst. That is, unless you’re this Adrenalist who apparently lives his life by the old saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” In a truly extreme example of grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns, this St. Petersburg adventurer hitched his rope to the back of a speeding car and took to the city streets to show his stuff in an unlikely environment. We’re only able to see a small piece of his journey, but this unnamed daredevil looks pretty talented, considering the pot-holes, pedestrians and parked cars he probably had to navigate around. We now know what we’re doing next time a hard rain decides to come around.

In/Out One Wake Mobius

What’s an “In/Out One Wake Mobius?” Oh, that’s it. Wow. Let pro wakeboarder and videographer, Mitch Bersgma, demonstrate why he has earned both of those titles. Wakeboarding is not an easy sport; landing small jumps and 180s are often enough to keep boating spectators’ mouths agape. This In/Out One Wake Mobius, however, landed on Spicewood, Texas’s Lake Travis, is a whole other level of impressive. We bet you’ll think twice before baulking at lengthy, seemingly nonsensical stunt names from now on.

Up and Over

German wakeboard stars, Steffen Vollert and Tom Richter, took to their country’s Hamburg city harbor to do what, until then, was unthinkable. They were looking to jump over a tourist boat, and a big one at that. Spoiler alert: it takes the boys a couple tries, but stay with it. You’ll be glad you did. If you’re planning a trip to Germany, we recommend you scope out one of these awesome spectacles. Chances are there are other Adrenalists looking to jump over even crazier things. Until then, we can all appreciate the perseverance of these two daredevils.

Jaw Dropper

Vollert and Richter had a ramp when they jumped over the tourist boat. This Adrenalist has nothing. Granted the boat is considerably more modest but… it’s still a boat. Between that and the fact that this jump is hardly a straight “up and over” affair is enough for us to throw this wakeboarder some major props. This looks like a spur of the moment stunt that, lucky for us and the boarder, happened to turn out awesome. It’s scary to think about the myriad of negative alternatives and the reality that this guy could just as easily have smashed into the side of a craft helmed by people that looked to be completely unsuspecting. Luckily, this Adrenalist looks more than capable of pulling off the stunt with style and finesse.

Little Bit of Everything

In this demo, adept tricksters do what they do best off the back of Mastercraft’s 2013 XStar speedboat. If this video doesn’t get you amped to take to the waters and board for the remainder of this season, and all seasons to come, maybe you need a reality check. From the minute these Adrenalists hit the waters, you can tell they are taking full advantage of Mastercraft’s newest piece of machinery. The 2013 XStar pulls them around with ease, allowing for maximum water shredding, seamless jumps and perfect maneuverability. We really need one of these boats.

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