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Colossal Teahupoo Surf Swell Awakens For 2013 Season



Surf’s up. No, really, it is, especially at Teahupoo, where the world’s best wave riders are already dropping into dangerously perfect early-season curls.

Teahupoo’s surf swell has a reputation as one of the most dangerous in the world. That’s why it’s featured in our list of heaviest waves and craziest surfing wipeouts. Its heavy waves combined with shallow shoreline make surfing a risky proposition on this beach, earning nicknames such as the “place of skulls” and “The End of the Road.” Regardless, this Tahitian hotspot is considered a must-surf destination by top surfers.

For the past several weeks, the surf community had been keeping its eye on a southern swell headed toward the legendary shore. On Monday, May 13, the Teahupoo surf swell finally broke. Then, it broke again, and again, delivering several straight days of 6- to 25-foot-high walls of water.

Surfer Today called the Teahupoo surf swell, “one of the best big wave surfing sessions of the last years.”

Paddling into big morning waves, and getting towed into even bigger afternoon ones, was an all-star cast of notable big-wave surfers. Shane Dorian, Raimana Van Bastolaer, Nathan Fletcher, Laird Hamilton and female standouts Maya Gabeira and Keala Kennelly all joined in on Teahupoo’s first big day.

Check out the highlights from the first day of the huge Teahupoo surf session in the videos above.

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