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First Solo Skydive Ever by Paraplegic New Zealander



Christine Lawn didn’t let her disability hold her back from a dream. Without the use of her legs, she took to the skies in March and became the first paraplegic to do a solo skydive in New Zealand.

A press release, reported by Scoop, notes that Christine became the first paraplegic to make a solo jump in New Zealand history. This marked Christine’s fifth jump since she started doing tandem jumps in 2008. NZ Skydiving instructors, Gary Beyer and Laszlo Csizmadia, took her through the Accelerated freefall (AFF) Level 1 instruction, which involves comprehensive ground training in anticipation of a solo skydive. Some additional equipment was necessary as was specialized training to fit Christine’s unique skills.

Christine spoke with Stuff New Zealand about the jump, and her words are music to our ears: I love the adrenaline, the air-time and the feeling of flying. People might say I’m mad to do it, but you’re mad not to. You only live once.”

We totally agree, and we want to congratulate Christine for her amazing accomplishment. Part of the Adrenalist spirit is never letting obstacles stand in the way of doing what you want to do. Christine is a perfect example of the tenacity and determination needed to DO:MORE. The next time you don’t think you can accomplish something, just think of Christine flying solo.

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