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Ruffo Brothers Commercial by Bobby Razak from Bobby Razak on Vimeo.

Becoming a UFC fighter requires tenacity and skill, the likes of which few possess. In the Ruffo brothers’ cases, some big growth spurts wouldn’t hurt either.

Carlos, Giovanni, and Royce Ruffo are the youngest professional mixed martial arts fighters, and, while only 11, 10, and 6 respectively, their meteoric rise to international fame (and a growing sponsorship fortune) has been a surprisingly long time in the making—they’ve been rolling around on the wrestling mats since they were just eighteen-months-old. 

Motivated by their father and his hope for a trifecta of college scholarships, the two older boys were first discovered by MMA commercial director, Bobby Razak when he happened to be shooting at the Ruffo’s local gym. One look was all it took for Razak to recognize the young badasses’ extreme potential and start them on a promising professional trajectory. 

Within months, Carlos and Giovanni Ruffo signed a sponsorship deal with TapouT clothing line, appeared in a nationally-aired TV commercial, and traveled to Dubai where they demonstrated their extreme physical fitness regimen at schools throughout the United Arab Emirates, at the request of MMA fan and partial UFC owner, Shiek Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyanand. (Shiek Al Nahyanand subsequently dubbed the duo the UAE’s official spokesmen for youth physical fitness.) Following the trip, Royce, the youngest Ruffo, joined the family dynasty-in-the-making.

Got an idea for a product the Ruffos might be able to promote? Want to challenge the boys to a novelty fight you’ll almost certainly lose? Contact their family-owned entertainment company, Ruff House Management and, whatever you do, don’t say anything that might offend them.

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