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Skydiver Flies Under Snowmobile



Hey, skydiving guy in this video: enough is enough.

Isn’t skydiving cool on its own? Is jumping out of a plane thousands of feet in the air whilst looking awesome in a kick-ass flight suit not sufficiently exercising your extreme gene? Apparently it’s not, because not only do you have the will to hurl yourself into the clear blue, you also possess the skill and presence of mind to coordinate a second, crazier stunt before you even land the first. So, yeah, you’ve shown us all up. We hope you’re real pleased with yourself.

Now where’s Mr. “I time everything perfectly and am incredible” snowmobile guy? We’d like to give him a piece of our minds…

Performing stunts while skydiving is hard enough on its own. The same goes for performing stunts while snowmobiling. What does it say about two Adrenalists who can think up an awesome stunt involving the both of them with absolutely no preparation? It says these guys are masters of their craft. Kudos, guys.

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