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Surfing A Standing Wave



Every year, surfers, riders and skaters find new ways to ride their old boards. They have to, since weather doesn’t always conspire to bring perfect powder or a surfable swell. Board addicts must innovate, and that’s just what Andrew Matthews does here on a standing wave in the croc-infested Zambezi River in Zambia.

This little swell is one in a class of waves considered a standing or a stationary wave. It forms when water flows fast behind an obstruction such as a rock, and abruptly slows, piles on itself, and crashes over continuously, allowing a river surfer to stationary surf.

Andrew Matthews would be familiar with this type of wave. As a Zambezi river guide, he’s led countless rafters and kayakers past standing waves that aren’t quite big or geometric enough to surf. This wave must have caught his attention.

We’re glad it did, because now we get to watch it.

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