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Why You Should Add Wind Sprints To Your Workout Routine



Summer is on the horizon and it’s time to boost your workout routine. Why not try one serious form of high intensity training: the old-school, intense but effective training method known as wind sprints.

Wind sprints are athletic drills during which you run as fast as you can between two set points, sprinting back and forth, until you hit a set number. Additionally, a one hundred eighty degree turn at a line or cone can add a twist – a sharp extra bit of pressure.

Often run at 40 meters, 100 meters and 200 meters, wind sprints have little immediate impact on any fat you are carrying, but don’t let this fact deceive you into thinking they’re not worth it.

The Benefits

In the minutes and hours after your grueling wind sprints, your body reaps the benefits of the aftermath, even at rest. Your body enters the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption mode (EPOC). That means your amped up body burns a stack of calories in its efforts to return you to your resting rhythm. In fact, your body may keep consuming calories for hours as it mends muscle, balances hormone levels and reloads nutrients vaporized during your dashes.

Wind sprints can also seriously boost your speed and aerobic capacity. You’ll be able to hit stride faster than ever before while building endurance that will stick with you far longer than a sprint. This aerobic exercise does wonders for heart health and keeping you in shape over the long haul. Perhaps what Adrenalists with a DO:MORE mentality may value most of all is that wind sprints toughen you up. They can feel like hell at first (or after a long series of them), but in time it will prepare you for your toughest challenges. Any agony you endure improves your ability to push yourself to the next level.

Better yet, wind sprints chew up very little of your precious time. They’re efficient. Why devote hours to exercising at moderate intensity for what may equate to little more benefit? Athletes working on strength training that don’t want to diminish their muscle gains with long treadmill sessions can turn to wind sprints for a quick, simple fat-burning solution. It won’t threaten your mass building efforts and will definitely boost your cardio.

Wind sprints: what’s not to like?

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