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A true adventurer is always prepared for anything at anytime. Harsh weather, untenable terrain, he who is consummately ready to take on all is able to enjoy all. Preparedness, however, is about more than just the right mindset, it’s about the right gear too. Especially for the unrelenting, world traveling adventurer who laughs at below-freezing temperatures and welcomes the prospect of 20-mile-long hikes. While we know you might not be able to snag everything on our list of top-shelf adventure gear, we thought it’d be fun to put together a wishlist of top of the line items that would appear on every extreme adventurer’s travel checklist, if money were no object. This is what a no-holds-barred adventure pack looks like.

Here is your definitive adventurer’s gear checklist:

Valandre Thor 1350 Sleeping Bag

Valandre Thor 1350 Sleeping Bag: $855-$899

Who would spend almost $900 on a sleeping bag, right? Yeah, it’s a lot, but here’s a follow up question: How much are your limbs worth? More than $900? We thought so. To that point, the Valandre Thor 1350 Sleeping Bag will keep a cocooned adventurer warm at temperatures down to -58 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s insulated with French Fat Goose feathers shorn from the wings of animals that routinely migrate at altitudes of 33,000 feet where it’s often extremely cold. The down used in these special bags is reportedly harvested right before migration time, when plumage is at its absolute thickest. Admittedly not appropriate for a summer hike (or anything besides really extreme cold, unless you like to sweat) the Valandre is a polar expedition sleeper every serious adventurer should consider.

Zamberlan Vioz GT Boots

Zamberlan Vioz GT Boots: $280

Whether traversing through your backyard or an advanced-grade mountain trail, a pair of Zamberlan Vioz GT boots will ensure your feet stay dry, blister free and firmly planted on the ground. In fact, their $280 price tag isn’t all that outrageous when you consider the plethora of features offered by a pair of Zamberlans. Some of these include: Gore-Tex liners, padded and gusseted tongues relieve lace pressure across insteps while also keeping out trail debris, removable moisture-wicking insoles that are perforated for ventilation and moisture control, and Vibram rubber outsoles for superior traction. Still not convinced? Maybe give these Korker boots a try – they’ve got interchangeable soles appropriate for different environments and they’re highest priced model is about $80 less than a pair of Zamberlans. Both are incredible choices. You can’t go wrong.

Gregory Baltoro 75 Backpack

Gregory Baltoro 75 Backpack: $319

From tools to clothes to snacks and sleeping bags, adventurer’s usually have a lot of stuff to carry, and almost all of it ends up on their backs. Therefore, a supreme backpack is essential for all serious outdoorsmen. Our choice is the Gregory Baltoro 75 pack. The ultra-light, heavily water-resistant model features a Thermo-molded back panel for extra comfort and weighs just 6 lbs (5 if you opt for the small size). What more could you ask for?

Marmot Alpinist Tent

Marmot Alpinist 2-Person 4-Season Single-Wall Tent: $638.95

After a long day of hiking through the wilderness, you’ll need something to house that fine Valandre Thor sleeping back you snagged. Something light. Something that will stand up to the roughest weather. Something you can call home. The Marmot Alpinist 2-Person 4-Season Single-Wall Tent is one of the best shelters money can buy, and it’s specially designed to withstand weather from each of the four seasons. At just 4 lbs, 15 oz., it’s the only tent you’ll ever need. Come on, even Adrenalists need sleep.

Garmin GPS Map 5012

Garmin GPS Map 5012: $3383.00

We’ve spared no expense so far, and we’re not going to start cheaping out on the last item. Though it costs more than some used cars, the Garmin GPS Map 5012 is an indispensable tool for adventurers of the 007 milieu. The 5012 comes preloaded with  high resolution satellite images of maps from around the world, boasts a 3D mariner’s eye view, and has an Autoguidance technology which steers its user away from obstacles or shallow waters. There’s no better navigational tool available to the public. For most, a compass will suffice but if you’re thinking you may need something this advanced, you probably do.

Adventure safe and strong, Adrenalists. And do be sure to watch your bank account while you’re at it.

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