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Unleash Your iPhone’s Photo-Potential



Apple’s latest iPhone model, the 4S, turned a lot of heads with its 8MP camera and HD video capture capabilities. As a result, we’ve seen a rush to bring all manner of iPhone lens upgrade solutions to the market. Some are built out as dedicated cases. At least one of them is basically an oversized rubber band with a lens built into it. Photojojo just beat them all though.

The iPhone SLR Mount, which starts shipping at the end of this month, allows iPhone camera users to attach actual SLR lenses to the smartphone. You simply slot your phone into the full body casing and attach the desired lens to the housing.

Photojojo offers two models: the Nikon mount is compatible with all Nikon lenses, using an F-mount adapter, and the Canon mount is only compatible with EOS lenses, using an EF-mount adapter.

Both models will sell for $249, and both can be pre-ordered right now.

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