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Dirtsurfing: The new board sport for all-terrain riding



Dirtsurfing keeps board enthusiasts satisfied even without fresh powder to snowboard on or monster waves to surf.

The ground-breaking inline board is a new product targeted at snowboarders and surfers determined to ride when their board of choice isn’t an option. Designed in Australia, the low-tech, high-speed device consists of a traditional skateboard, tricked out with a chassis or truck system that moves independently from the deck. The board’s two-wheeled, inline design leans with the rider, mimicking the fluid-turning motion of surfing and snowboarding.

In other words, what that means is pulse-pounding speed and mobility.

To stop, a Dirtsurfer inline board has a button under the rear foot called a “deadman’s brake,” which activates when you take your foot off of it or fall off the board. It stops the board from rolling away, but you can also use it as a soft brake by angling your back foot.

According to inline skating enthusiasts, Dirtsurfing is the wave of the future. Pick up yours today to stay on top of your extreme sports game.

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