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Seth Sherlock is a 10-year-old Mountain Biking pro



Unlike other kids his age, 10-year-old Seth Sherlock didn’t just dream of tearing up the trails or getting big air like his extreme sports idols – he went out and did it.

The short film, “#whatwereyoudoingat10″ produced by Whistler Creek Production and Artbarn, shows just how good young Sherlock is at mountain biking. It starts off with Sherlock in a traditional setting – as a regular 10-year-old, coming down the stairs of his suburban home, sitting down to have breakfast with his siblings. As soon as he leaves home on his bike, however, we get a glimpse of Sherlock’s true calling – mountain biking. He rides through his neighborhood, catches some air off of an urban building and cuts straight to the mountains of British Columbia, where he practices his craft.

In the mountains, he rides with all the confidence of a veteran, and handles the trails and jumps like a pro. At the end, we see Sherlock crash his bike, proving that even a young prodigy still falls like the rest of us. For Sherlock, getting back on the bike is the only thing he can do.

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