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Extreme Parkour Jumps



It’s no secret that Parkour really gets our adrenaline flowing - and it shouldn’t be hard to understand why. Parkour symbolizes self-sufficiency and symbiosis in the purest of forms. Athletes apply their raw physical gifts to the world and make it their playground. Making use of obstacles natural and man-made, they trick not only to heighten awareness of their physical skills, but also to draw attention to a global physical landscape replete with wonder. In continued celebration and deference to a unique pastime steadily growing in popularity, we’ve compiled five of the most shocking Parkour jumps we could find. Enjoy these crazy videos as many times as you wish, but just don’t try to imitate any of the stunts they depict at home, no matter how good you think you are.

House Jump

We wish we knew this jumper’s name so we could call him to ask what was running through his mind before making this St. Petersburg leap, featured on WebUrbanist. Clearing a gap of approximately 20 feet without the aid of a motorized ride is sensational enough, but doing so while landing a free fall from a rooftop 35-feet above? You don’t see that every day. Even with the significant padding laid out at the point of impact, this move had to leave some serious bumps and bruises. Of course, the super-sized dose of adrenaline our unnamed daredevil probably felt after landing this almost certainly masked any pain.

Subway Jump

Similar to our infamous near death snow tubing piece, published almost exactly one year ago, this subway jump is such a poor idea that we had to think twice about covering it. The reason we choose to is to showcase an arguably fantastic physical feat. This stunt, however, is something that would’ve been just as incredible if it were accomplished on a gymnasium mat, where there is never any threat of an oncoming train.

Swing Jumps

While it’s not as heart stopping as the building leap or subway jump, this video was added for the novel stunting apparatus included at its beginning and end. Quite simply, we’ve never seen anyone do such impressive things with a huge wooden seesaw swing. Also, it’s not so often we see Parkour-esque flipping done over water and the change in environment intrigued us because it signifies a venturing beyond traditional venues. We dig the swinging bits most but, if you’ve got a few minutes, it’d be a good idea to watch the whole compilation. There’s some pretty impressive footage of one of the athletes clearing a car and other more traditional obstacles that are well executed, standard as they are.

Bull Jump

Talk about a venue change. We can say with total certainty that we have never, in all our months, days, and hours of YouTube video scouring, found any footage of Parkour happening in a bull ring. Perhaps that’s because most people who are in a bull ring find themselves in close quarters with highly aggressive bulls and are more concerned with their immediate survival than doing sweet jumps. The man in this video is apparently very confident in his abilities. One thing’s for sure: he doesn’t have to worry about too many imitators cheapening his daring maneuver. Cool as it is, there are less deadly ways to get a standing ovation.

Russian Spider-Man

Do you feel like being shaken to your core? Then watch this video all the way through. It’s the single most petrifying display of Parkour acrobatics we’ve seen anywhere. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be holding your breath from start to finish. You’ll never look at an apartment complex the same way ever again. This traceur’s unbelievable balance and skill not only keeps him atop the edges of a rooftop, but allows him to pull of some truly death-defying tricks. Front flips, back flips, twists and leaps against the wind are the reasons Parkour traceurs love doing what they do.

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