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Parkour for Beginners: 5 Moves You Can Master Quickly



Parkour is a mesmerizing sport; if you’ve watched people jump over walls and flip through the air like ninjas, chances are you’ve thought about trying it yourself. If that’s the case, here are five basic moves that will have you running and jumping like you never thought possible.

Jumping Up/Down: Jump onto a bench and land with both feet, and jump down. Try it out with one foot. Work with higher jumps as you progress, and start jumping while running.

Jumping Over: To leap over something without touching it, start with low heights, and work in running. Lead with one foot and lift both legs.

Vaulting: Clearing walls with a touch of your hands involves directing your body to the side with your hands. To go right, pick up your right hand first and push with your left hand. Try the monkey vault: Push up with both hands and swing your legs between your arms.

Cat Leap: To land on a wall like you’re playing vertical leap frog, stand back, jump with your arms bent and your hands out and grab the top of the wall, with the bottoms of your feet against its face. Practice climbing over the wall once you’ve landed.

Swinging Through: Begin by jumping for a bar and swinging your body under you. Pick a target landing spot ahead of you and pretend you’re going through a smaller opening.

If you work on these five basic moves, plus some sprinting and strength training, you’ll be moving like a master in no time.

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