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TEVA BMX Freestyle Trick Showdown



This year’s TEVA Best BMX Freestyle Trick Showdown had the world’s top riders bringing their best front flips, backflips and tail whips to the event – but only one would be named “best trick.”

The world’s best BMX freestyle riders lit up the Boneyard at Whistler Mountain Bike Park, where they seemed to soar over the forested mountaintops framing the event. When the riders got huge air they almost scraped the shoes of the tourists passing by in chairlifts overhead. The participants had to deal with serious competition, like Yannick Granieri’s crowd-pleasing backflip to double-tailwhip or Nicolai Rogatkin’s cash roll. Granieri snagged second place with his trick and Rogatkin’s skills earned him third. The day’s most heart-stopping BMX trick, however, belonged to American Mike Montgomery, who won the showdown with a backflip bar-hop to tailwhip, a trick that seem impossible to execute while scraping the skies of British Columbia upside-down.

Kudos to all the freestyle athletes who participated. Next year can’t come soon enough.

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